Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ : Patients

Do I have to register to find doctors?
No. You can search for rated doctors immediately, you do not have to register. However, if you would like to rate a doctor or post a message, you must register.

Why do you use red checks to rate doctors?
It is a quick and simple way for you, the patient, to visually access a particular doctors strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the ‘red check’ is a simpler way to represent our rating system (see Rating Key) In a sense, it is a way for patients to give their doctors a ‘check up’

Where do you obtain the information regarding doctors’ Training and Expertise?
All factual information is obtained from government sources and reliable third-party vendors.

Can doctors update factual information that could affect their rating?
Yes, doctors have full access to their profiles and all their factual information. Doctors can confirm and update their Medical School, Residency Program, Fellowship, Advanced Training, Awards, and Hospital Affiliation.

Is it possible for doctors to post false information on their profiles?
No. All factual data is verified by FindaDoc using government records and reliable third-party data. If a discrepancy is found, FindaDoc will contact the doctor to verify the information.

How often can I rate a doctor?
To preserve the integrity of the doctor ratings, each patient (user) can only rate each doctor once. However, you may rate as many doctors as you would like.

How often are doctors’ ratings updated?
A doctor’s overall FindaDoc score is continuously updated. As soon as patients (users) rate their doctors, their input automatically affects the doctors’ overall score. The factual data that is used to rate the doctors is constantly updated by doctors and is verified by FindaDoc (FindaDoc obtains this data using government records and reliable third-party sources) This factual information includes: Medical School, Residency, Fellowship, Advanced Training, Awards and Hospital Affiliations.

What are the chances that a user can log in frequently and adversely alter a doctor’s rating?
Only registered Users may log in and rate doctors. Once a User rates a particular doctor, that User may not rate that same doctor again. Therefore, a single User will not be able to repeatedly rate the same doctor to alter their rating in a negative or positive way. At present, a User cannot go back and change a rating. We are working on developing this functionality for our Users.

How can doctors benefit from using FindaDoc?
There are three main ways doctors can benefit from FindaDoc:

  1. By accessing anonymous opinions from patients on Patient Opinion, doctors get valuable information on patient perception of their practice, as well as their own personal strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Connecting and networking with other Doctors on Doctor Center.
  3. Potentially advertising to millions of patients by becoming a Featured Doctor.

Are you limited to searching for doctors solely by name?
No, you can also search by Specialty, Location (State, City, Zip Code), Rating, and/or any combination.

How can I find out if any doctors are involved in clinical trials or research?
Currently, there is no way to search for a doctor based on their current research. However, many of the Featured Doctors list research that they have completed or research they are currently working on. FindaDoc does not verify this data. You may visit for more information.

My doctor is great, why is he not rated higher?
Tell your doctor that you saw his or her profile on and to log on to make sure their profile is current and correct (example: Medical School, Hospital Affiliations, etc.) The more users (patients) that log in and agree with your opinion, the higher your doctor’s score will become. Encourage friends and family to log-in to and rate their doctors.

Do Doctors pay to be rated on the site?
No, doctors do not pay to be listed or rated on our site. The only paid feature on the site for doctors is Featured Doctors.

Why is there so little information regarding what insurances doctors accept?
Doctors constantly change what medical and health insurance plans they accept, so it is very difficult to keep insurance data current. It is up to the individual doctor to keep their insurance information up-to-date. Therefore, we highly recommend that patients verify what insurance is currently accepted. You can get this information directly from your insurance company.

Why are malpractice incidences not included in a doctor’s profile and score?
Malpractice allegations are difficult to evaluate and do not necessarily reflect a doctor’s expertise or professionalism. Allegations are made for a variety of reasons and the outcomes are varied. Also some specialties are more at risk for lawsuits than others. For these reasons, FindaDoc does not include malpractice cases in a doctors rating. It is the patient’s responsibility to research malpractice cases. For information on State Disciplinary Action taken against individual doctors visit

FAQ : Doctors

How can I improve my score?
First, log onto your profile and make sure all of your factual information is current and correct. Medical School, Residency, Fellowship, Advanced Training, Awards and Hospital Affiliations. Then tell your colleagues and patients to log onto to rate you.

How can I update my profile?
If this is your first time using, you must first register. After you have signed in, simply click on your profile to update your information. Please note you will need your UPIN number to verify your identity.

How can I advertise on FindaDoc?
You can advertise on FindaDoc by purchasing text and banners ads. For more information, please email Advertising.

What is Featured Doctors?
Featured Doctors allows targeted advertising to potentially millions of patients. For more information, please click on Featured Doctors.

Can I rate other doctors?
Yes, if you are logged in to you can rate other doctors. You can rate/endorse as many doctors as you like, but you can only rate an individual doctor once.